Hey there!, I'm-

Aman Ojha.

Operations Executive - Trainee. A self-taught developer with an interest in Computer Science.

🚀 Exploring opportunities and side projects.

🎓 Currently working as a Operations Executive - Trainee @ Infosys

⚡ About Me

Hey! I'm Aman Ojha, I've been close to a computer since an early age, and been passionate about it ever since.

I really like to develop stuffs like in an instant it feels like I went from Coding Prograam which look like a terminal window to Developing Web Apps using mordern Web Frameworks, Games using Latest Game Engine and Android and IOS Apps using Mordern Cross Platform App Dev Enviroment. I'm interested in building something awesome with code and automate tasks with code, currently focused on Web & Mobile Development, Open Source and Competitive Programming.

When I'm not coding I play games with my friends, watch some show on Netflix.

Aman Ojha

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Here's some of my projects that I have worked on.

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A Blog Web App which uses Django as a Backend Service and is Developed with Next.js, you can Add a New Blog Post using any Backend Service you want and it will load it up from the CMS, and the users can also Like, Comment and even Share the Blog Post to Some Social Media Websites

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PythonDjangoSQLRest API

A Back-end of a Blog App ( Code it Down ) using Python and Django Rest Framework. It handles all the Sending E - mails to the users whenever there is any New Blog Post available by the User.

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E - Commerce Web App Developed with Django as Backend and HTML, CSS and JavaScript as Front-End for the App, the User can easily Purchase the Products from the Web App and can get the Download links easily on the Mail Address provided at the time of Purchasing

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Twitter Bot Created for Retweeting the Tweets Made on Twitter. This BOT is made with Python and will Re - tweet the tweets. But first Include These two hashtags in your tweet else there will be a low Possibility of Re-tweeting the Tweets. Ofcourse I will not be Sitting and selecting a Re - tweet option in your tweet. So I targeted the hashtag feature of twitter.

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Things I'll be focusing on in 2022

January 7 2022 4 min read

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